Upcoming Events

2015 City Event
Jan. 4 and 6 Tel Aviv, Israel Interpersonal Neurobiology: Can Neuroscience advance our clinical abilities?
Jan. 5 Tel Aviv, Israel Call to Care: Increasing giving and empathy in the Israeli education system
Feb. 7 Costa Mesa, CA ECSTEM Early Childhood Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Conference
Feb. 20-22 Santa Monica, CA Mindsight Immersion Weekend with Dr. Dan Siegel
Mar. 6-8 Los Angeles, CA Integrating Play, Creativity and Mindfulness in Psychotherapy: How Neuroscience Informs Clinical Treatment at UCLA
Mar. 26-29 Washington, DC The 38th Annual Psychotherapy Networker Symposium: How Psychotherapy Can Embrace Our Changing World
Apr. 9 Denver, CO Colorado Counseling Association
Apr. 11-12 Boston, MA Siegel meets Schwartz: Interpersonal Neurobiology meets Internal Family Systems
Apr. 16-17 Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands Creating Connections: The International Conference in Attachment, Neuroscience and Emotions
Apr. 20 London, England AdoptionPlus: Understanding the Effects on Early Trauma and Neglect on the Teenage Brain
Apr. 22 Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK Leading into Wellbeing: The Power of Mindsight at Northumbria University Newcastle
Apr. 25 London, England Trauma Healing Theory and Practice: An Interpersonal Neurobiological Approach Transforming Developmental Trauma into Integration and Resiliency
Apr. 27 Helsinki, Finland Mind-Brain Integration in Relationships: How integration shapes the brain and our relationships, and visa versa
Apr. 28 Turku, Finland The Power of Presence: Psychotherapy, play and transformation
May 29 Online Online live presentation: Psychologists Association of Alberta
May 29-31 Garrison, NY Soul & Synapse with Dr. Dan Siegel at The Garrison Institute
Jun. 20 Missoula, MA 2nd Annual Mind Body Spirit Conference 2015
Jun. 26-28 Santa Monica, CA Mindsight Immersion Weekend with Dr. Dan Siegel
Oct. 9-11 Stockbridge, MA Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Inc.
Oct. 16 Bellingham, WA Northwest Behavioral Health IPA
Nov. 3-4 Stavanger, Norway Stavanger Forum