Upcoming Events

2015 City Event
May 7 - Jul. 1 Live Online Summit 5th Annual WBECS World Business and Executive Coach Summit
Jun. 1 Free Online A Psychology of the Future Conference
Jun. 18-19 Singapore Wisdom 2.0 Asia (W2A)
Jun. 20 Missoula, MT 2nd Annual Mind Body Spirit Conference 2015
Jun. 26-28 Santa Monica, CA Mindsight Immersion Weekend with Dr. Dan Siegel
Jul. 29-30 Long Beach, CA North American Council on Adoptable Children
Jul. 31-Aug. 1 Rhinebeck, NY Omega: Mindfulness & Education Conference: Bringing Mindfulness Practice to Children Grades K–12
Sep. 6-11 Big Sur, CA Esalen: The Art and Science of Compassion, Mindfulness, Gratitude and Forgiveness
Oct. 9-11 Stockbridge, MA Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Inc.
Oct. 16 Bellingham, WA Northwest Behavioral Health IPA
Oct. 29-30 Copenhagen, Denmark Mindful Brain - in Business, Health Care and Society
Nov. 3-4 Stavanger, Norway Emotions in Motion: From Affect to Disorder