Upcoming Events

2020 City Event
May 15-17 Santa Monica, CA Mindsight Immersion Weekend with Dr.Dan Siegel
May 20-22 Newport Beach, CA Supervised Visitation Network Annual Conference
May 21-22 Madison, WI International Forum on Consciousness: Consciousness of Connection - Awakening from Despair to Awe
May 26 Ontario, Canada Shalem Health Network - "Signature Series" Attachment Conference
Aug 2-7 Melbourne, Australia 4th Biennial International Childhood Trauma Conference
Aug 9-14 Big Sur, CA Esalen - Mindfulness, Compassion, and Personal and Planetary Well-Being (details forthcoming)
Aug 14-17 Big Sur, CA Tassajara - with Marc Lesser - Mindfulness Leadership (details forthcoming)
Oct 17-18 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Interpersonal Neurbiology: Applying science to the process of change
Nov 6-8 Santa Monica, CA Immersion Weekend with Jack Kornfield and Dr. Dan Siegel
Dec 9-13 Anaheim, CA The Evolution of Psychotherapy